Planning a Same Sex Wedding

I have had the pleasure of planning a handful of same sex marriages and I am always honored to be included in the process. As a wedding coordinator there are a few key steps to take to ensure the couple has a fabulous event.

1. Be an advocate for your client: It is so important that the couple has an amazing experience. Be sure that the vendors you recommend are totally on board with same sex marriages.

2. Don’t be judgmental: Anything you may learn, see or hear is not for publication – respect the couple’s privacy as you would any other wedding couple. Make it happen and always be upbeat and supportive. Be careful of what you say and how you say it.

3. Learn: You must educate yourself just as you would do if you were planning an Indian Wedding or Orthodox Jewish wedding. Learn about the LGBT community and learn about the laws in your respective areas.

4. Ask: Ask opened ended questions to find out what you need in order to plan the perfect wedding with the couple. Ask about dress, who is paying and will their parents be involved.


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