Ask an Expert: Do I need a wedding emergency kit?

The answer is yes. You need two wedding emergency kits, one for your guest and one for the bride and bridal party. The good news is, if you are using a wedding consultant he or she will bring all of this for you.

Bridal Emergency Kit:

It’s your big day and a chipped nail or loose bead shouldn’t ruin it. Here are a few key items that will be sure to ease the stress if something unexpected happens.

  • Nail polish
  • Sewing kit – be sure to have white thread and the color thread of the bridesmaids dresses
  • Safety pins
  • Double sided tape
  • Spot remover
  • Static-cling spray
  • Clear nail polish
  • Tweezers
  • Hair Spray
  • Hair Ties
  • Extra pair of panty hose

Ladies Bathroom Basket

It’s a nice touch to have items for your guests incase they have a mini emergency of their own.

  • Clear nail polish
  • Hair spray
  • Static guard
  • Bandaids
  • Tampons
  • Mout wash
  • Deodorant
  • Sewing kit
  • Advil
  • Breath mints
  • Emery boards
  • Lint rollers

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